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My name is Joselyn Santiago and I’m a graphic designer based out of Collierville, a little town in Tennessee, but born and raised in Mexico City. Spanish is my first language and I absolutely love my culture and roots. At the same time, I feel truly blessed to live in this wonderful country that has provided me with endless opportunities since my arrival at the age of 11 (without a word of English in my mental dictionary).

When I’m not designing, I’m usually chasing my 2 daughters around and tending to my motherly and wife duties! I love God, family and life. I’m very happy to say that creativity makes me very happy and even with my busy life I have design passion to spare. My creative juices flow even as I sleep. I believe everything in the world can serve as inspiration when you funnel it and apply it correctly. One of the qualities that sets me apart from other designers is that I love to take a complex idea and simplify it to deliver a clear, effective and memorable message to a specific target audience. I am not a copy and paste, one solution works for all, work off a template type of designer. Every business is unique and I treat my design solutions & clients just as that.

I graduated in 2007 from TN State Tech with an Associate of Applied Science degree with a specialty in Graphic and Multimedia Design. I then decided to further my education at the University of Memphis where I obtained a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. But my design career began in 2005 when I landed my first design job as a paid intern for a new printing company. I’m very proud to say I still hold a position at this amazing company where I’m responsible for a variety of design tasks that help keep the company and me on our toes.

I love white space, clean, and minimalistic design and truly embrace the “less is more” approach in my projects. In today’s digital world, making a mark above your competition can be difficult, but with an effective design approach you or your business can be set apart. And that’s where I come in!

Never underestimate the power that a cohesive and consistent visual identity can do for your business, online and offline. It is a must if you want your business or service to stand out from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make something beautiful together!

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