Jonathan Santiago Photography

Description: Jonathan Santiago Photography came from rebranding 50mm Photography. The client decided to rebrand in an effort to provide his new customers with a logo that would show a little of his personality and to put a name with a face. Three version of the logo were finalized. Each version will be used with a unique application based on the customers interactive means with his clients as aside from photography he runs a podcast for creatives called Jon Santiago Raw.  The logos mainly incorporate a digital illustration of the client’s face and his hand-drawn initials. Business cards, podcast cover artwork, website, social media imagery and ads were also designed to help the client have a consistent mark that sets him apart from competition and allows him to successfully market his company and podcast.

Deliveries: Logo re-design, business card, social media icons & ads, website

“I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.”

-Trent Parke-

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